Best Single Engine Helicopters to Charter

There are some stylish single-engine helicopter to charter

Single-engine helicopters remain a popular charter choice for business executives, celebrities, royal dignitaries, and other HNWI (high net worth individuals).

The category of aircraft tends to be flexible, powerful and highly efficient with space for as many as three to seven passengers who are provided with a comfortable cabin and flying conditions, perfect for short-hail scenic, business, and leisure charter flights.

Why choose a single-engine helicopter?

The quality, safety and versatility of single-engine charter helicopter choices have improved over the years and unless the trip is an urgent one (in terms of speed) or requires very large groups, little separates twin-engine and single-engine aircraft.

This selection below tends to be time-efficient, convenient, generally more affordable and still offer all the inflight and cabin requirements for executive and high-end trips while providing a thrilling, fast and comfortable way to fly.

Find out about some of the best twin-engine helicopters to charter here.

Airbus H125

Airbus H125 - Perfect Short-range Scenic Charter

The well-known and reliable Airbus H125 allows for fantastic comfort and small group bookings, perfect for couples, groups of friends and smaller families.

The Airbus H125 is a high-performing single-engine helicopter that offers charter-flight passengers extreme versatility.

The helicopter has a reputation for excelling in high, hot and extreme environments. This means the H125 helicopters are ideal for operating in the Asia-Pacific for exclusive and scenic chartered tours in cities across Asia such as in Phnom Penh, or for charter flights to reach Song Saa Island off the coast of Cambodia, or tours of the famous Angkor Wat archaeological complex near Siem Reap.

The helicopter provides easy cabin access through two wide sliding doors, and the forward-facing embossed leather seats provide a comfortable ride. With three baggage compartments, there is spacious room for up to five passengers (or seating for four executive seats).

  • Max Passengers: Five
  • Cruising Speed: 155 Knots (259 km/h)
  • Range: 630 km
Bell 505 offers a comfortable ride for charter flights

Bell 505 - VIP Travel in Comfort

The Bell 505 helicopter is a light helicopter that can seat four passengers and is perfectly suited to accommodate charter flights ranging from VIP transportation to corporate shuttle trips and more.

This excellent single-engine helicopter is already featured in our Top Helicopters to Charter for Business Travel.

Passengers benefit from a quiet and smooth ride, a large baggage capacity (full width of the airframe with great access). The Bell 505 provides comfortable and adaptable seating with premium leather seats offering spacious legroom & the cabin has plenty of headroom. The total cabin volume is 99 cubic feet and the rear cabin volume is 61 cubic feet.

There is also great visibility for all passengers as the windows extend far down and vast expanses of glass, all with the added comfort of in-cabin AC.

You can book a package and select from a range of the best helicopter experiences in Cambodia with the Bell 505.

  • Max Passengers: Four
  • Cruising Speed: 125 knots
  • Range: 566 km

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McDonnell Douglas MD 600N is a large single-engine helicopter

McDonnell Douglas MD 600N - Spacious Single-engine Helicopter

The McDonnell Douglas MD 600N is a light single-engine helicopter that is a stretched eight-seat version of the MD 520N helicopter, which makes it perfect for slightly larger groups on charter flights.

The versatility of this helicopter and high performance (and increased capacity) offers passengers a fast and agile experience with the MD600N powered by a single Rolls Royce turboshaft engine.

The MD 600N features an advanced NOTAR® anti-torque system and its six-blade main rotor system; the helicopter is renowned for being one of the safest and quietest helicopters in the world.

The cabin is accessible by a door to the cockpit and two centre-opening doors on each side. Passengers benefit from the cabin being equipped with bubble windows and sliding windows, which offer fantastic panoramic views.

The cabin can accommodate up to seven passengers (plus one pilot) in a conventional three-seat plus a three central bench seat plus two rear-seat configurations, (or up to five passengers in club-style seats which is referred to by executive passengers). In addition, the cabin is soundproofed and fitted with an Integrated Flight Systems air conditioner.

  • Max Passengers: Seven
  • Cruising Speed: 135 knots ( 250 km/h)
  • Range: 661 km
The Robinson R44 remains a popular charter option

Robinson R44 - The World-Class Choice

The iconic helicopter is the world's best-selling general aviation (GA) helicopter and remains a popular choice as the Robinson continues to provide an excellent flying experience.

The single-engine helicopter is an ideal charter choice for world-class scenic flights for up to three hours. The Robinson R44 is used for island trips in destinations such as Fiji and is perfectly suited for smaller groups of up to three people.

The R44 Raven II helicopters are renowned as high-performing, reliable and easy to maintain helicopters. This four-seater single-engine helicopter has a rugged reputation but it also provides style and an exciting flying experience.

Passengers benefit from Bose headsets with Bluetooth, while enjoying comfortable leather seats, seat warmers, and a fully air-conditioned cabin.

The Robinson R44 is used by a number of YUGO’ partners around the globe

  • Max Passengers: Three
  • Cruising Speed: 110 knots
  • Range: 550 km

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