See The Most Astounding Views in Hong Kong With Helicopters

You’ve been to a number of beautiful places and have seen everything on the ground in your city. But what about enjoying the view of vistas from high above? It’s time to see Hong Kong from another angle!

If you’d like to travel without leaving the city, booking a helicopter ride is your answer. Here are five helicopter experiences to take you high above to enjoy the breathtaking Hong Kong landscape that has been here all along.

Get up close with The Pearl of the Orient

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The five-star helicopter experience begins at The China Clipper, an exclusive lounge located on the 30th floor of The Peninsula Hong Kong. The ride offers spectacular views of Victoria Harbour, one of the world’s natural landform harbor which separates Hong Kong Island in the south from Kowloon Peninsula to the north. Known as The Pearl of the Orient, the dazzling night views attract hundreds and thousands of travelers every year. You'll enjoy the skyline of Hong Kong and the glitziest beaches and bays on South Hong Kong Island. The scenery is something so indescribable that it would definitely leave you in awe.

Go On A Spiritual Journey and admire The Big Buddha from above

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How does it feel to admire one of the largest seated Buddha statues in the world from above on a scenic helicopter ride? The iconic Big Buddha has been a spiritual pilgrimage for travelers from afar since its debut in 1993. It rests high up on a hilltop on Lantau Island, one of the biggest islands in Hong Kong. On this private flight, enjoy an intimate spiritual experience of admiring the Big Buddha from different perspectives. Don’t forget to keep an eye out on the planes taking off in the sky as the Hong Kong International Airport is just right next door!

Explore Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark in total comfort

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Get ready for an unforgettable trip that highlights Hong Kong’s magnificent nature at Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark with a private helicopter ride. The park showcases the city's timeless and beautiful landforms, including rare hexagonal rock columns formed from a series of violent volcanic eruptions in Sai Kung 140 million years ago. Enjoy the tranquility Sai Kung offers, and get up close with different islands, rare volcanic rocks, cliffs, sea caves, and even a tombolo on a private helicopter ride. It’s definitely the best way to explore Hong Kong’s natural history without breaking a sweat.

From helicopter to luxury yacht


From the air to the sea, this extravagant experience allows you to enjoy a whole new perspective of Hong Kong from a unique vantage point. The sightseeing flight will take off from the rooftop helipad of The Peninsula Hong Kong, followed by a sweep over Victoria Harbour before landing at Wan Chai Heliport. It’s time to enjoy the unparalleled view of Hong Kong’s skyline. Let the chauffeur whisk you away to a three-hour cruise where champagne and canapés await on a luxurious yacht.

Travel to Macau in style

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We know traveling within your own city might not quench your thirst, so here comes another solution. Why not take a 15-minute helicopter flight to and from Macau? Enjoy full aerial views of Hong Kong’s skyscrapers, landmarks, and Victoria Harbour before landing in Macau, followed by a visit to the city’s entertainment and shopping complexes, and lunch at a Michelin-starred restaurant. As the night falls, catch the city's famous daily laser light show, A Symphony of Lights, just in time on your evening flight back to Hong Kong.

Let’s leave your work behind for a while, take some time off, and enjoy some of these jaw-dropping helicopter experiences.