YUGO selects Ascendance Flight Technologies’ VTOL aircraft

The ATEA features “fan-in-wing” technology and optimized hybrid-engine configuration.
  • Yugo takes new step towards sustainable aviation by diversifying its fleet of private jets and helicopters with order of 18 five-seater hybrid-electric VTOL aircraft ATEA.
  • Ascendance Flight Technologies’ ATEA is designed for urban and regional use thanks to a range of 400 km, carbon emissions reduced by 80% and noise pollution divided by four.

Singapore and Toulouse, France, February 22, 2022 - Yugo Global Industries, the Singaporean private aviation charter company and French startup Ascendance Flight Technologies, are pleased to announce the signing of a contract for the purchase of Yugo’s first vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) hybrid electric aircraft.

Startup Ascendance Flight Technologies is leveraging the vast potential of electric technologies and distributed propulsion to develop sustainable hybrid-electric air travel solutions. Their recently unveiled ATEA selected by Yugo blends sleek and audacious design with unprecedented “fan-in-wing” technology and optimized hybrid-engine configuration. The aircraft features a sky-view cabin and eight new generation shrouded rotors set in a tandem wing configuration which allow for increased power during the take-off and landing phases, in addition to significant noise reduction. The modular hybrid-electric propulsion of the aircraft has been designed to reduce by up to 80% carbon emissions, compared to existing aircraft.

“We are extremely pleased to partner with Ascendance Flight Technologies, a key player in the world’s transition to decarbonated aviation”, commented Jim Baldy, Yugo CEO and co-founder. “ATEA is the perfect aircraft solution to our main goal: bringing sustainable, affordable, tailor-made flying services to our customers. The range, the capacity and the flexibility of this hybrid-electric VTOL will allow us to fulfill, in the near future, the growing demand across APAC for convenient, eco-friendly and safe flights in the best way”.

“We are thrilled that Yugo has selected ATEA to be their first hybrid-electric VTOL to fly their APAC routes upon delivery in 2025”, said Thibault Baldivia, Chief Customer Officer and co-founder of Ascendance. “Sustainable aviation isn’t a far-away dream, it is soon to become a reality. We fully trust that Yugo’s experience and capacity to operate a wide range of air mobility solutions will enable them to fully exploit ATEA’s features throughout the many uses we designed it for. The fast-evolving Asian market offers many opportunities to reinvent air mobility and we look forward to Yugo and ATEA participating in its evolution.”

The fast-growing Singapore-based Yugo offers an on-demand digital booking platform to facilitate private flights via jets and helicopters to customers throughout Asia-Pacific as well as Europe. It provides an array of private air mobility solutions such as VIP, Cargo and Air Ambulance flights in-country and cross border. Yugo has a large inventory composed of hundreds of aircrafts from some of the aviation industry’s best manufacturers such as Gulfstream, Bombardier, Cessna Textron Aviation and Dassault Falcon private jets as well as Bell, Airbus, Leonardo or Robinson helicopters, located in Asia-Pacific, Europe, America, and Africa which can accommodate both small and large groups.

400km routes
Kuala Lumpur to Singapore – Jakarta to Bandung – Phnom Penh to Siem Reap – Manila to Luçon – Denpasar to Surabaya – Bangkok to Pattaya – Perth to Margaret River - Manila to Clark

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Founded in 2018 by Jean-Christophe Lambert, Thibault Baldivia, Clément Dinel and Benoît Ferran, Ascendance Flight Technologies is a start-up that has set itself the mission of decarbonizing aviation. Established in 2020 in the heart of Toulouse, the European aeronautics capital, it is developing an innovative hybrid propulsion system called STERNA and a vertical take-off and landing aircraft (VTOL) fitted with this technology, called ATEA

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