YUGO Launches Exciting New Charter Travel Memberships

YUGO is proud to announce its new membership program which is launching to offer its clientele the most innovative and premium charter flight membership packages with access to over 3,700 private aircraft around the globe.

It's an incredibly exciting time to be involved in aviation and the new trends that are around the corner will only enhance members experiences, revitalise the industry, and open up air mobility adoption.

Members can book their air charter experience in three easy steps with YUGO:

  1. Top-up Credits
  2. Contact the Travel Concierge
  3. Fly to your heart's desire

These benefits allow our customers to reach destinations for business or leisure with the utmost flexibility and peace of mind, which recently have been among the chief concerns of air travelers.

What do the YUGO Memberships offer?

There are two tiers of memberships with YUGO; Discovery, and Aviator. The latter is the most premium category of membership and has full access to members offers and benefits with priority access to the huge range of aircraft and routes available.

  • Simplified and Tailored Private Flight Bookings - Contact our dedicated Travel Concierge with your flight request and you are guaranteed a selection of available aircraft to choose from within 24 hours!
  • Faster Bookings with Flight Credits - Add flight credits to your account and use them to book your flights with wide-ranging availability. Using this prepaid system means you have faster bookings on the international fleet as well as increased availability to a private jet, helicopter flights and Members benefits.
  • Best Prices with Preferred Member Rates - Members benefit from preferred rates on all charter flights by private jet or helicopter.

Yugo’s Travel Concierge has access to various premium lifestyle events and experiences to offer to our Members. Via our trusted network of partners, of 3,700 private jets and helicopters, we can provide tailored travel inspiration and bespoke experiences, globally.

What private charter aircraft does YUGO have access to?

YUGO has an exceptionally wide range of the most premium brands of jet and propeller aircraft and helicopters available. All charter flights booked with us are operated by reliable operators with valid Air Operation Certificates and respect the Civil Aviation regulations.

Our partners include aircraft from the world's largest manufacturers, including Airbus, Dassault Falcon, Gulfstream, Bombardier, Bell, Cessna and Beechcraft.

With a global network at your service, read more about some of our top selections and aircraft types available now:

Best Helicopters to charter

Top Jet Aircraft to charter

Premium Propeller Aircraft to charter

Private aviation is expected to continue being in high demand and there is an appetite for more private air travel - we think this will only continue to rise in the years to come.

YUGO - The Future of Air Mobility

Our services ecosystem is centred around offering solutions through multiple new channels and networks.

In addition, we are at the forefront of new mobility technologies and have also partnered with Electra.aero, Inc. ("Electra"), a pioneering developer of sustainable aircraft, which means our members will have access to Asia’s fast-growing private air mobility platform.

YUGO can offer mobility services to urban and other destinations in the Asia-Pacific region via Electra’s hybrid-electric, ultra-short takeoff and landing (eSTOL) aircraft which deliver cleaner and cost-effective aviation in Asia-Pacific.

Contact us today for more information on the membership packages and how you can benefit from YUGO’s services in which you only pay for your charter flight hours!