The Best Ultra-Long Range Jets to Charter

The private aviation and charter business is doing exceptionally well and the expected long haul demand for jets is set to continue, providing added comfort and the flexibility of in-air and high-quality working environments, as well as the best amenities for sleeping and relaxation.

Ultra long-range jet passengers benefit from booking these aircraft as the plane is capable of flying higher than other jets, and thus avoids most air traffic (adding flexibility to fly the route and time that suits the HNWI). The altitude also means less in-flight turbulence - making for a much smoother journey.

These jets are considered to be some of the most luxurious private charter jets available and perfect for long nonstop transatlantic flights such as London to Rio De Janeiro, Tokyo to New York or to the Asia-Pacific.

We have chosen some of the best private ultra-long-range jets you can charter with YUGO.

Why choose Yugo?

Yugo prides itself on essential local knowledge which enables our team to help you fine-tune the perfect curated charter experience. Whether it’s our insider information for your final destination or suggesting activities on the ground, we can help you choose the right itinerary to accommodate it to your needs.

The single point of contact platform gives you a wide range of possibilities. You are able to select flight charter routes from a fleet of sought after private jets to travel anywhere in the world. With one point of contact, you can access a global fleet instantly.

What is an Ultra-Long Range Jet?

Ultra long-range jets are built for luxurious travel to cover flights that might take several hours of international travel. As a result, clients and guests require top-class amenities, a variety of onboard services, and a comfortable flying experience.

These jet aircraft are able to generally reach high cruising altitudes of around 50,000 ft and above and most ultra-long jets accommodate around 12-16 passengers.

These private jets are larger than midsize and super-midsize jets, and thus generate more power and travel at faster speeds and allow for non-stop international private jet charters.

Photo Credit: Gulfstream G650ER interior - the long-range jet is a favourite of sports stars and celebs

Gulfstream G650ER - Jet Choice of the Stars

One of the most popular and famous private charter jet planes is the Gulfstream 650ER. From celebrities to sports stars and successful business people, one thing they share in common is the choice of flying the Gulfstream 650ER for longer journeys.

Flying private is no longer just about comfort and privacy - it’s about air purity and connectivity. The G650ER, with full onboard connectivity plus connected temperature, lighting, shades and entertainment is an excellent choice for your next long-haul trip.

The super-sized and refined cabin in the Gulfstream G650 is able to accommodate 19 passengers and sleep up to 10. The cabin is also ideally equipped with a full kitchen and bar (convection oven, and porcelain dinnerware!) along with the latest electronic conveniences for in-flight convenience.

The Gulfstream also often features a variety of on-demand entertainment (26-inch/66-cm widescreen televisions) and business productivity options such as satellite telephones and wireless Internet, the wireless local network also provides onboard printing. The high-speed satellite communications network and high-resolution video to the cabin monitors are perfect for critical business, and of course, entertainment.

Bigger cabin space means room for larger seats and windows. The premium executive seats are 28 inches wide and the cabin can be configured to include a conference area (expandable from four seats to six) or a stateroom.

A shower is even an option to ensure a fresh arrival, allowing the passenger to be perfectly ready to do business or attend a glamorous event when they land especially after a duration of up to 14 hours without stopping aboard the G650ER.

  • Cruise Speed: 1040 km/h
  • Max cruise altitude: 15,544 m
  • Max hour flight: 14.5
  • Beds: 6-7

Gulfstream is also launching its G700 Luxury Long Range Jet from 2022.

Photo Credit: Dassault- The refined interior of the assault Falcon 7X

Dassault Falcon 7X - Refined Long-distance Travel

According to Dassault, over 270 Falcon 7X aircraft are in service in 41 countries and the fleet has performed some 550,000 flight hours - the Falcon is the ideal solution for all of your long-haul jet charter flight needs.

The 7X can reach speeds of .90 Mach and can also cover shorter distances to get you faster to where you need to be. Another benefit is that with a ‘land and stop’ of just 2,070 feet (630 m), the private jet can access hundreds of airports including those with hot and high conditions, steep approaches and stringent noise restrictions.

For the passengers, ultimate comfort on the Falcon 7X is achieved through meticulous attention to detail within the cabin interior and providing superior in-flight technology for the passengers. With a flying range of around 12 hours, it means the Falcon 7X has great accessibility to most global destinations.

The interior large-cabin can be adapted to suit your travel needs, whether it be for business, or family and friends. With a maximum of 12 comfortable seats or room for up to six beds, the cabin environment is quiet and the pressurisation improvements are designed to help reduce passenger fatigue on long journeys.

Dassault states that this is the "first aircraft to be designed entirely on a virtual platform" and installed the first Digital Flight Control System.

  • Cruise Speed: 1100 km/h
  • Max Range: 11,019 km
  • Seats: 12
Photo credit: Bombardier Global 5000 features Nuage seats

Bombardier Global 5000 - Elegant & Spacious Passenger Comforts

The Bombardier Global 5000 is a large business jet, with a range of 8,889km (4,800 nautical miles), so it is perfectly suited for comfortable long journeys. The jet aircraft is capable of flying directly from continental Europe to Central USA and has a maximum cruise speed of Mach 0.88 (935km/h).

The aircraft also has the adaptability to take-off and land at smaller airfields, possibly closer to business areas and remote destinations (a landing strip of just 1,525m is required.)

The Global 5000 prides itself on providing one of the most spacious, and quiet aircraft in its class. The aircraft has a very wide cabin, luxurious and refined interior design, and is able to offer passengers a smooth ride for the duration of the flights. The Nuage chaise and patented Nuage seats provide a unique deep recline feature.

Onboard, the aircraft makes use of the latest technology to keep passengers connected and entertained. The  4K-enabled cabin has lightning-fast in-flight connectivity and an ultra-high-definition screen for in-flight movies, work calls, video conferences, downloads and streaming using satellite technology.

  • Cruise Speed: 935 km/h
  • Max Range: 8,889km
  • Seats: 13

Bombardier will launch its Challenger 3500 Super-midsize Jet in the second half of 2022.

Our fleet of aircraft means you can select from a range of global destinations whether it’s a short-haul regional flight or an intra-regional flight, all in the comfort of tailored luxury.

Stay tuned as we cover more jets and helicopters in our expansive fleet. which includes the best turboprop aircraft, and business helicopters to charter.